Become the HERO You Play

IMG_3955We all love Our games and we love the characters in those games,  Solid Snake or Shepard. Even our Nameless Destiny 2 Characters, they  inspire us, but why, What is it about these larger then life Avatars that gets our blood rushing and sparks our imagination, for me its simple, they are doing something Big, something Courageous and something Awe Inspiring. ‘Check it’,  So  I’m sitting there with my cold beer and a snack, usually something in a Garlic parm wing,   I’m playing my game Maybe Division or something  and marveling at the beauty and the detail. and then I take out a Boss and Bam’^%$##% ENDORPHIN RUSH!

Wow that felt good, I mean really good, like  smiling to myself and not remembering  many times when I’ve felt this good good!

So it occurs to me, I’m living vicariously through this clump of photons, a two dimensional  world  that’s not even mine,, I mean don’t get me wrong, I know we’re all in, but really,, has life gotten so mundane that We’ve  stopped being Our  own hero’s and shero’s.  I remember a  Punk song from college ” Birth, School, Work, Death”. ” Dead Milkmen comes to mind,, not sure tho gotta check that, but digress.

I say to you as I said myself, , this cant be right, I don’t except it, see we  are by default  my own hero, We’ve  vanished   foes both seen and unseen , we’ve done honorable deeds that only the Universe knows about. We’ve pulled ourselves up and thrown ourselves out into a world that in many ways is designed to defeat us in every possible way, “But Still We Rise” ( Praise to Maya).

As this year comes to a close, how about we recapture our Inner Hero, Do that thing that will change your life for the better, Its not a Resolution, its a State Of The New Being of YOU.

Let’s become as excited about our own potential and abilities as we are about Our Avatars!