Comming up for air

IMG_3885So the winter is still in full effect and I’ve been working several projects.  But its time to come up for air.  It’s cold and the sun seems to be playing this game of hide and seek with the planet. In Ohio where I live, it’s even worse, one day its warm and people are out smiling and walking their dogs the next day its cold and people are shoveling the snow and being small town nasty to each other. But that’s life in a small Ohio town. But I have decided to practice what I preach. I’ve decided to unclutter my life and change my attitude.  I want to be positive and focused that’s the goal.  I refuse to be held hostage to the bad brains coming from Washington or the local boys trying to assert themselves all over my world.  So I’m out, I’m literally rediscovering my life through the things I’ve held on to these many years.  Old ticket stubs from movies letters from friends. work IDs from old jobs. Everything has a story, and our stuff is no different.

I’m going to sit in my basement and rediscover who I was from the things that were important enough for me to keep.  The winter signals nature to sleep and prepare for the push of color and beauty that the spring and summer brings. Why should I be any different?

I want to be New and Beautiful like the flowers around my house, the ones I didn’t plant but they found my space kind enough to share their magic with me. And I want to be that for you! 

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