IMG_3188I’LL  admit it, I game to much,  I drink to much, and I curse to much, I  also laugh to much and I cry to much,, I’m UNBALANCED, but in my defense I live in a unbalanced Society masquerading as “BALANCED” caring, happy, responsible , religious, thoughtful, whatever,, you name it, what a joke,,  Now your wondering, what does this have to do with Gaming, well when we game we take the “real” world into the game with us, all the bumps and bruises, THE REMAINS OF THE DAY,   go with us, we bring them to the alter of the Gamer God and ask for what? “Balance”?  In the game there is no-one secretly undermining you or going out of their way to make you feel less then.  There is no double standard or hypocrisy, no Institutionalized racism or jack booted “official” Overseers  running around protecting and serving the shit out of you, Ninja form Implicit and explicit biases,  But how can a product of society be without the inherent demons of said society, well it can’t,  that’s where you come in, See its not that the game is a perfect balance, of course it’s not.  One look at how women and or people of color are represented in video games makes it clear, we have a long way to go, but the rules are consistent and that’s what makes the Gamer (you) a balancing force a instrument of structure if you will.  When you jack into the game  you know the rules and they won’t change,   they add a framework, You see you’ve  entered into an  agreement, you just dropped $100,00 bucks for a set of rules that won’t change, wrapped in a adventure floating on a sea of 1s and 0s with photons and sound waves,  and this doesn’t really  apply in the real world, does it?,

That’s what we seek a rational, a logic.  Have you ever done what’s right, been as honorable as you knew how to be, showed kindness and tried to uphold the highest ideals of your fellow Human beings, and still failed miserably , see that doesn’t happen in your game does it, when you learn what it takes to win you do it and you win.  Oh I left one more thing ,  The secret to winning in the real world,,,Just don’t give up on it or yourself, it’s not the smartest or the fastest or even the strongest,, it’s the ones who never give up, be one of those people and you’ll piss off a lot of folks but you’ll also inspire many many more!

We Think to Much,

embrace you excesses,

ask for more from the “real world” !

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