Destiny, was like Hot chocolate, Destiny 2 is more like Cocoa, and I love Cocoa!

What I’m trying to say in my own usual weird and round about way is, Destiny 2 has a richer more full body. For all you Beer lovers it’s like Coors ( or as I like to  refer to it, Chilled Monkey piss), VS  Brooklyn Defender.  Don’t get me wrong I loved the first Destiny i just love Destiny 2 more. I’ve always liked a well told story and lots of cut aways and scenes, it really makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth, little mini movies, I think it helps the gamer get that extra understanding of the relationship between the characters in the game.  That’s one of the reason I became a Metal Gear devotie,, stories I love stories, in game play and in real life. Destiny 2 seems to have heard the mumblings from players who felt Destiny was not layered enough, I played the game always waiting for another part of the city to open up.  With Destiny 2 The standard issue shields and the  cool new power ups are crazy. I still haven’t gotten my hands on “Coldheart” a situation I’ll remedy very soon.

Look for Vagabondrising, and lets kick some Cabal Butt together!


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