Tactical Ability VS Game Awareness

Some time ago a good friend and I where playing Division,, we’ve got our headsets on communicating well and doing some real damage in the “Dark Zone”  then he says to me “Hey Punk do you think that you   having some tactical training makes a difference” ,  I said what do you think, as I took out a ‘shotgunner’ running up behind him. We had a laugh then dipped back to the post office as our mission was completed, and we had to take a Beer and Pee break, oh yeah, and he was cooking chicken, ” he’s always cooking chicken” his question kinda got me to thinking, then I remembered a commercial for I think it was ‘Call of Duty’ not sure which one and its not important, but the commercial was basically a group of young guys playing online against some other team, and getting there clocks cleaned, One of the young guys yells out there killing us who are these guys, or something like that, a cut away shows a team of Navy Seals playing against them, I think that is one of my favorite commercials.. So I’m thinking now I”ve also played against guys who you know have no tactical training what so ever, but they have committed almost every flaw, and blind spot to memory, I mean they know the limits of the game and they push them Like Neo in the Matrix.  Let’s get specific for a moment,  if a team  enters  a room lets say in Destiny and they slice it and progressively fire on you as they advance, you might be dealing with folks with some tac skills.  but if they  come in then break formation and run for the hills after the lead guy goes down then you may be dealing with  well,,,, a bunch  of freaking “COWARDs!!!” sorry I had a moment, I digress. However if  the team coming in this room knows that if they stand next to a certain wall, and do to a glitch in the game, they can’t be shot,, then you may be fighting a guy or girl with complete Game Awareness, either way your about to  respawn  your ass out side somewhere with nothing but Auto riffle ammo and  dark thoughts for the tricky hunter  who beat you to the punch.  In destiny the different styles of play are very clear, I’ve even noticed that the better players seem to get on at  particular times, mainly  Fridays and Saturdays late afternoon.  I can’t really say which is better , But I will say when you are Playing games Like Division or Destiny and someone comes along with tactical skill and they have your back, you know it right away, and chances are you’ll get the win.

What kind of player are you?

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