WARPED Reality

Well its back to school and back to the Reality, not that we can ever leave reality, we can only warp it in some form or another, and believe me I do just that whenever I get the opportunity. I’ve been thinking about a gamers ability maybe even the need to move beyond her or his own reality and into something different, something more exciting or less painful even. Because of my work schedule I am at odds with the normal flow of life, I sleep in the day and work at night, other than being sleep deprived and having my circadian rhythm thrown in the dumper, I  get these insights as I stand always at the edge of wakefulness and sleep.  for example I couldn’t help noticing the intensity that I Game, the level of emotion expressed, the “All Inness” of the thing.  I noticed that the tougher or more stressful my day in the real world, the more I unleashed myself into the game.  Is this quantifiable, say stress could be measured in some observable way lets call them “SUs” Stress Units or Shit Units if you will, say you have a 5 SU day, is that energy now converted into some measurable about   that takes the form  of an observable reaction.  After watching the events unfold over this past week or 8 months or if your a woke soul, the past 1200 years or so, has it effected your game play, and since we are a wash in stressors of many levels and many forms, how does the “real” world creep  into your mind while you play.  What are you thinking about, a mean word from a co-worker, and News event that you just can’t shake, a broken heart, a lost love one.  How do these things effect you as you play.  I guess what I’m saying is, even though the games we play  furnish  us with a  almost complete world to explore we can’t help but bring our real life experiences into our now “warped” gaming reality.  ” When you Look into the Game, the Game looks into you!

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