Playing with Girls!

I’ve been playing Destiny since it came out, and I’ve become somewhat of a legend, at least that’s what my dog tells me,, What your dog doesn’t talk ( insert awkward silence here), I’m joking of course, You know That dude in Ny ruined that joke for everyone, But I digress.  As a student of human behavior I’ve noticed something and I don’t know if it’s just me or is it really a thing. When I see a female avatar I “up my game” I mean what is that about, right,, It’s like back in the day when girls would come by the court and watch the guys hoop, dudes would immediately become more intense, a laser like focus would come over the court and guys who sucked, tried to suck a little less.  Its what we do, Lady walks in the room guys pull that gut in, its almost on a  unconscious reflexive  level.  But does that behavior carry over to gaming.  Well for me it does, I enjoy playing more if I know or suspect a female gamer is on our team, and If she’s  leading it, yeah boyyyy,, that really gets me going.  But seriously what is that, the overly simplistic answer would be to say, ” well, he’s just showing off” but I think there might be  more to it.  And here’s the kicker, I think it has a generational component.  I started playing video games in a Arcade at the mall, I know what your thinking, yeah i’ve stopped into a arcade at the mall to play a game or two, that’s not what I’m saying, I’m saying The arcade was all there was, this was before Atari pong and that weird tank game, you know the one, when you changed  direction, the tank would turn into some pixilated blob for a few seconds, ahhhh memories, thank God there over with.  One thing you didn’t see a lot of in those days, was female gamers, hell, my girlfriend back then wouldn’t even walk in the place, we’d go to the mall, she’d drop me off and head to Macy’s.  The “space port” that was the “spot” at the Shore Mall in Northfield NJ, I can still smell the overheating massive power draining games now, like “defender” and that Karate game.  Forgive my Nostalgic rant, but what I really want to say is, female gamers are cool and more than a little sexy.  But what about the younger tigers playing now,, do the guys react the same way when they see that tell tale curvy avatar drop down and plant her team’s banner?




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