Gamer Gangstas and Player (punks)

Ok check this out, I finally got the nerve to venture into the “Dark Zone”, well me and my gaming Partner Mark the Merciless, I just gave him that name ‘ and he’s gong to hate it’ , . I know what your thinking, ‘ dang guys, How long has Division been out, I know I know, but in our defense, we like to thoroughly and completely master the world we find ourselves in before moving on to another part of a game, especially if the few times we’ve  gone on fact finding missions into the unknown, we’ve gotten the living crap kicked out of us. I mean the real world is hard enough without taking crazy “L”s every time you step foot into a place. The Dark Zone is like no other World I’ve ever been in. First the makers of Devision have done a great job of creating a no holds barred every human for themselves but with  the cool features like Allies and rogues to add another dimension .  If you haven’t played this game yet, you owe it to yourself, and get it right away, they have added more exciting components  to  Survive.  Ok,, so I’m In the “Dark Zone” ‘Drinking milk’ That means,  trying to get stronger, I meet this other player, I’ll call him T, this guy knows his way around the Zone , and since I’m  like a babe in the woods, he takes me under his wing for a few missions.  It turns out I bring a lil’ something to the table as well, Killer instinct and some tactical awareness, don’t get it twisted, My guns might be “weak sauce” but I know tactics and “angles of pursuit” thats a inside joke for my boys, anyway T is giving a brotha  the Dark Zone how to survive and flourish lesson 101, and I’m loving it.  We do some extractions fend off a couple “rogue” factions, oh and by the way don’t trust anyone in the Zone, they’ll turn on you and take your shit, I learned the hard way, I  got something for ya   “reaper”.  Back to the missions, things are going well I’m getting my “sea legs” and we are becoming bros,  Being able to talk to a total stranger and hearing that they are literally having the same concerns about work and family is probably one of the coolest developments in modern gaming. I’ll save that for a future blog. I digress, We are kicking but handling our business, I’m at level thirty one which is basically a “white belt” , This guy shows up in our theater of operation where we are taking out some “Cleaners” I accidentally shot him, just so you know that’s a big No No, shooting someone who is not a rogue  will turn you into a rogue agent in most cases, anyway, So I graze this unknown dude, and he comes over to me and T and he is mad, he’s much higher ranked then I am, and because he is in close proximity I can hear him on the mic.  He says to T ” hey your boy likes to shoot people, he better watch that mother fucking shit in here or ill take his ass out. I don’t respond, But I feel a heat well up from my chest you know the feeling,, a total disregard for what happens next, If you’ve ever been a real fight you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Then it hits me, this fool knows I cant get to him, he’s a Gamer Gangsta and by the sound of his voice I put him at about about 165 pounds soaking wet, he’s a punk and he’s got me.  I gain perspective and composure  and I tell T, ” I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear him say that , he says “thats what I do” and we never spoke of it again.  I laughed to myself about how angry I got, I mean I don’t mind the players who try to get in your head on Madden or the know it all, who takes stuff far far far to seriously, this guy however was a new species, a “Player Punk” who uses the safe confines of his Anonymity to say things to people, that would in real life,, gets him a front row seat to the stomp show.

Watch out for the Gamer Gangstas and Player Punks, They’ll be appearing in a Video game Near You!


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