The Gamer and the Bike, a love story

School is out, no more dropping the kids off in slippers and pjs and now our attention turns to all  things summer. Think back for a moment, Remember when you were a kid and your main concerns consisted of scoring a few bucks from dad, a pocket full of candy, the “kid’s currently” oh and the most important mystical transpiration device of all, a fully functional and way cool Bike,  I don’t know that as a OG ” (Origional Gamer ) there is anything in our modern times that has taken the place of the connection I had and I’d assume many others of my generation had with there bikes. As much as gamers explore the inner worlds and alternate realities of video games, being on a bike lets you explore the outer natural world, and in doing so, we explore ourselves.  If your a gamer or love   a gamer, get fix or reintroduce them to the outter natural world be getting them in a bike.  Here’s the trick and I don’t have any evidence to support this next statement but I feel it to be true, becoming more in tune with the real world will make you care less about the fake ones.

Lets fix our Bikes together!

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