Get out, seriously get out!

Its May and we are being bombarded with awesome games, Movies and Mini series, If you wanted to, you could pull up on the sofa and literally spend the rest of the year staring into your electronic device of choice.  And given the current Geo political climate I wouldn’t blame you, as a matter of fact, I might even join you.  But wait a minute, its early summer and your human side,, you know that side that has been guiding our actions for the better part 250,000 years. is whispering to you, Real talk, when the sun comes out so should we.  I was listening to NPR the other day, yes I listen to NPR, anyway this Dr person was saying that because your cells are regenerating and using water to do so as we sleep,  The human body is basically 5 glasses  low every morning, for lack of a better term.  I know it must seem like I’m all over the place in this blog, but stay with me I promise I’ll find my way back.   I guess what I’m trying to say is, we have many things that can be  used to keep us from being active and taking better care of ourselves, and I’m talking about emotionally as well.  I sometimes find myself shutting down and shutting out the outside world because I find it partially toxic right now, so I crawl into a Video game and call it a night.  But that’s just not healthy for anyone, So How about we do this, tell yourself you going to spend more time outside and less time grinding your your teeth and wringing your hands watching News outlets.  Try to remember that you are as much a natural part of the world as your Dog or that tree he loves to pee  on.  Fight that part of your mind that tells you, the world is beyond healing, beyond repair.  Instead try to put things in perspective, I live in a somewhat closed minded part of the country, but I know that people are out there, good people, cool people like on those Beer commercials!

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