MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA IS HERE, and i didn’t like my dumb old job anyway!

Ok let me just go through my check list for things I’ll need before I begin the Saga that is MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA,

let’s see here:

Adult diapers : Check

Protein Bars : Check

Wet Naps: Check

Job resignation: Check

Divorce papers: Check

Multi liquid automatic self  delivery system: Check

I know, I play too much, but I am really excited about this Latest Addition to the Mass Effect Universe. The biggest question I had was, When does this Andromeda take place, I mean at the end of ME3 Our hero became one with the Universe sorta and a new era of Galactic peace was unfolding.  Andromeda takes place before that happens.  The “Pathfinder” the Ship and crew are tasked with finding suitable worlds for Humanity to live on. So yes this game is about exploration and investigation, I’ve avoided mentioning any names from the ME3 because this Mass Effect has no real relationship to the prior games.  I’m not sure how I feel about that yet, I mean to be honest I feel in love with some folks in ME3 and I’m not sure I’m ready to let them go.  You can get all the tech specs  and stuff from other blogs, but I like to explore the emotional aspects of games.  A true gamer throws off reality like a stinky shirt as soon as she gets the chance, everything I’ve read and watched says that this Andromeda will be jam packed with emotion, and relationships, a couple things you’ll notice right away, you no longer have to pick a side, your answers are not point based and you are free to flow with a conversation without worrying if your going to get enough points to open extra convo options.  Having said that, If I  don’t see Garrus or Liara I just might end up M(*&^f%^ing  someone at BioWare.  This game is new in just about every way, A few old races are back some are not, and of course new races are going to be introduced.  For all intents and purposes this is a completely different game with some familiar feels.  Ok go ahead and ask you know you want to, I ‘ll wait,,,,Yes there will me mad love and some sex in this Brave New World.  I’m not going to say I got “caught up” in the last Mass Effect  but I did go out and buy Myself and Liara matching hoodies, DON’T JUDGE!

What I’ve come to Love about the ME Universe is the story telling I crave a good story in my game play, I think it actually raises my skill level when I feel a sense of affection and loyalty to the characters. I’ve heard that the customizing of the characters is not what it was in the earlier Mass Effects, I’m not happy about that, seeing Myself reflected back at me was kinda cool, and Mass Effect was the first game I played that allowed me to do that, it’s not a thing now but it was cool.  You’ll still be able to customize your character, but the options are reduced.  All in all I’m very ready for this,, we waited 5 years, F I V E Y E A R S,  and I’m going all in, I’m going to drop my money like I didn’t work for it. The fact that the following for the MASS EFFECT  world is so strong, has to be the highest of compliments a Gamer can pay to a Game Development  Company, and once again we are putting our  hearts and our Imaginations in their hands, and I don’t think they’ll  let Us down!

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