A Change of Scenery, Just what the Gamer Dr ordered

hx_harbor_10_425x303_fittoboxsmalldimension_centerSome old and new friends and I do this crazy thing once a year, we drop everything and head to some cool city together. This year it was Baltimore, which is without a doubt a “cool city” some of the smartest most creative people I know are from B town, I don’t know if “B town”is a real thing cuz I just made that up, I digress. anyway we’ve been doing this crazy thing for the better part of ten years, and in that ten years we’ve gone through many changes,, deaths, divorces, as well as births and new relationships. The reason I say its a crazy thing is because everyone is knee deep in life, in the trenches fighting to make their lives into some semblance of the ideal that we all carry around in the back of our minds, it’s what we strive for, it gives us direction. Some of us are doing very well financially some of us are struggling, some are in good health and some of us could use a personal trainer or two. This crazy thing we do once a year gives us something to look forward two. You may be thinking right now, “sheesh, that’s all they have to look forward to, how sad” And you wouldn’t be wrong, but once life and responsibility kicks in and really digs in, those things that you really look forward too become more infrequent, so you must fight to create them. It doesn’t have to be once a year, hell if you can do something once a week then do it and do it like you mean it, don’t let it die, fight to keep your special time with your friends alive. Don’t let sadness or money stop anyone in your group, actually the more stress or hardship is heaped upon you the more you need to fight to get to that place. That shining place where your friends are standing with open arms ready to greet you. If you don’t have a thing you do with your friends, then I suggest you create something,, someplace. The next time your on the phone or texting a friend, tell them pick a place, someplace away from your comfort zone, someplace you can make new memories, then call that other friend that you don’t talk to much anymore for what ever reason and invite them. Chances are they are thinking about you right this moment.

I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with!!!img_6186

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