Gamer Health, what’s you situation?

img_6074Ok your reading this, thank you. But as soon as your done, drop and give me ten.  Don’t ask me ten what, ten whatever dammit.  Your probably a real badass in your chosen game Universe, but now you need to work on yourself in this Universe our Universe.  Start with your snacking habits, put those chips or whatever your eating down, if it didn’t come out of the ground or come off a tree stop eating so much of it.  I know its hard, but I’m not saying go do wind sprints in your drive way, I’m saying cut back on that crap, these folks don’t love you they are using us as customer cattle, lets show them that we are more then our appetites.  pack a healthy lunch and and walk as much as possible.  ok you’ve done that now pick it up, dust off that weight bench in your basement, you know the one with your clothes hanging on it, get mad then get focused then get consistent , Make small changes in your life that  will lead to big results. Find a Punching bag and punch it, find a track or a treadmill and run on it.  Take back what  you’ve lost, that’s your body and you deserve to have the kind of body you want.  I just started running on a treadmill and I honestly though I was going to die, I looked like id been chased by zombies through a swamp with weighted combat boots on, and I think I may have pooped alittle, so I know its hard.

You know that negative internal conversation you have with yourself almost daily, well tell yourself to “shut the hell up”, and take back your life, you’ll soon see  your not alone!

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