Why Dr Strange didn’t work for me.


Before I start, let me just say I’ve grown up with Dr Strange, I mean I grew into manhood with Dr Strange as my guide.  He taught a introverted kid from NJ that I didn’t have to think like everyone else, which was good, because I couldn’t. I’ll save that for another time.  Let me take you back, Do you remember the 1978 Dr Strange made for TV movie, with Peter Hooten as Dr Strange and Hawaiian born Clyde Kusatsu  as Wong.  You want to know something?

I think the 1978 Version was better, yes I said it.  I was a kid and the power had gone out in the hood, and I remember the power coming on just as the Movie started.  It was innovative  well written real cutting edge special effects and better than any cheesy super hero Movie from that era.  Remember the spider man movie from back in the day, when he shot his web at someone you could almost see someone throw a net from just off the screen, it didn’t even come from the direction of his web shooters.  But I guess I should tell you why I was not crazy about this new Dr Strange, It was predictable and it was not that mind bending adventure that I hoped it would be and the Ancient One  was not that Wise kindly Old Chinese guy I grew up with.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with differnt folks playing rolls, we are talking about “make believe”   here after all.  I know they had to introduce the characters and I felt Benedict Cumberbatch Tilda Swinton did a good job, of course Chiwetel  Ejofor  as Mordo is amazing in whatever roll he takes on.  But I felt like the movie didn’t have the soul and the spontaneity of Dr Strange.  It seemed more like a Hollywood formula then this reality shifting event, remember the first time you saw The Matrix, tell me it didn’t make you question everything, I don’t know what you did , but I sat in my car in the theater parking lot for an hour, then I went home sat in the dark and drank a six pack.  Thats what this movie lacked, and it so much was supposed to not lack that.  Of all things this movie needed to do, the main thing was to make you question your reality, and for me it didn’t do that.

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