LUKE CAGE, got me pumping my fist!

mike-colter-luke-cageWhen I first heard that Luke cage was coming to Netflix, I thought to myself awe snap,, I say “awe snap” when I get really excited,, its a thing, but I digress, the second thing I thought was I don’t have Netflix.  So like most working stiffs I put it on the back burner, so many other things needing my money you see.  then I started hearing the “buzz”  things like Ground breaking , The real deal  Raw and gritty.  OK I added the gritty part, so I go looking, who’s got the role some dude named  Mike Colter didn’t know much about him, , but I knew Alfre Woodard and Rosario Dawson.  Finally I couldn’t  wait any longer, so I get Netflix and I go all in, you see I had Hulu and I was like ” I barley have the time to watch my Hulu shows, Marvel Agents Of Shield,  Gotham,, you know what i’m saying. A friend of mine and I are Gaming on our usual Sunday night, and In-between him burping into my headset I tell him I’m going to start watching Luke Cage, he tells me I’ll love  but If I want to do it right, I should watch ‘Jessica Jones’ first so I did,, and she blew me away sharp and sexy tough and introspective, I loved it, and he was right.  So I get Luke,, and now i’m  watching this show, each character is rich well thought out and complex. Even the first few episodes  when a new show is establishing itself and testing its audience, I got the feeling that Luke Cage knew what it wanted to be, I got the feeling Luke Cage has always known what it wanted to be.  Based in Harlem and  full of the most spellbinding  Actors who happen to be black I’ve ever seen.  This show is Transformative,  The writing its like thick well made tapestry of sound,  sight and cool, I’ll say Jazz because you expect me too, but that what it feels like, clever funny and detailed.  The Producer and Writer  Cheo Hodari Coker, does what I’ve never seen a show do before, He gets it right, He gets “Us” right,  I don’t know how else to say it. I could talk about the use of the N word or that Luke is a 50 Ton range super dude and he should be throwing trucks around  like empty CD cases, but I get it, I really do.  The imagery the Hoodie and what that has come to mean, the fearless way  the writer confronts our world, the Unapoligetically Blackness of the show. Is this what Pride feels like. Look, Get whatever you need to get, but you need this Show in your life!

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