Pokemon LOVE

IMG_5231I’ve been interviewing “Pokemoners” or people who play Pokemon Go, hell i don’t even know how or what they would like to be called,,  for a couple of weeks now, to be honest I was never into Pokemon so It took me a while to get a feel, not for the game,  Games are hype and pomp and media and market share, course they are also art and social commentary.  Thats not what I’m looking for though, I’m looking for  the people.  If you follow the people they will lead you to the truth. One thing about Gamers and people who embrace the unknown is that they will make it known and then they’ll tell you, and they’ll make you ask yourself why you were so afraid in the first place.    I’ve been interviewing pokemoners for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve watched these beautiful souls strike out with friends at their side or strap on their courage and go solo, I’ve watched groups come together like colliding galaxies or branch off like  lonely stars.  They hike, sweaty and transfixed,  and  these humans are  having so much FUN.  I stopped  a group of people playing and ask them what is it they like so much about the game, that is  now becoming much More.  You know what most people said,,,it gets them out.  Out,, from what?


IMG_5248I saw a funny Meme, it read,” the world is falling apart, and people are out looking for Pokemon” it made me laugh, it made me think.  First off, the world is not falling apart, if anything people are becoming more informed and things are being brought to light that the “Powers that be” would rather keep hidden, the rich are trying to stay rich and the powerful are trying to stay in Control, nothing new.  Except the people,  the people are new, and they are young. Pokemon illustrates the ability of  people to organize in real time and to communicate in real “real” time , might seem silly, but if I was a Oligarch sitting high in one of my estates with a name like “Ravenwood” or something, I’d  be a little concerned, but I wouldn’t really know why yet.

Pokemoners tell me that the people, other pokemoners are so nice, and everyone helps each other, I heard that the characters are the originals that everyone grew with, and that cheating is not cool, Cheating basically using anything other then your legs to find stuff and cover an area.IMG_5241

These seem like really great attributes to me, seems kinda like how we should be treating each other.

IMG_5235So I’ve joined the ranks, I’m now a Pokemoner and I have just  caught my first Lizard Pokemon CHARMANDER, lol

This is so freaking COOL!!



6 thoughts on “Pokemon LOVE

  1. I am an avid gamer/ nerd enthusiast. I can honestly say one, well maybe two things about the game. The first being of course, I wish this game was out when i was kid and thinking how it would be fun to do that. Also, this is my childhood dream come true. Going out and competing and meeting other trainers, exploring new areas in search of new and rare Pokemon, and showing off your team of Pokemon or your Pokédex. It’s really one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. And when you also mix in the fact that it also has you out exercising, it’s also extremely healthy too. I’m close to walking 200 km and I may be in the best shape of my life, and I’m a rugby player lol. You can see some of my gaming clips on my YouTube page, Gamehead5252, I’d appreciate any reviews/feedback/support I can gain from the gaming community.

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    1. Thank you so much. I’ve never really posted on other gaming sites before, to be honest I don’t know what I’m doing half the time, lol
      But I do know what I want to say, so my stuff seems kinda raw, and un kept lol 🙂


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