Together again!

IMG_4224I recently reconnected with a couple good friends while playing “Division” now we haven’t seen each other for some time and I was excited to have the guys back together.  I noticed something immediately though, it didn’t feel like we had ever been apart, I mean it felt like we had been sitting in my apartment living room at Pitt playing video games all along. But its been years, we’ve gone through Marriages divorce, we’ve lost loved ones and we’ve moved all over the country. But when I heard the voices of my friends over my gaming head piece, time lost its meaning.  The old jokes and details of our lives where somehow new and just as funny.  We discussed current events and controversial topics in the news.  If you haven’t played “Division” I suggest you try it, the setting is NewYork in winter and all hell has broken loose. Playing this game with a group of people that I’m sure would put themselves in harms way for me adds a extra layer of enjoyment.  Not to get too mushy, but I felt “safe” for lack of a better term.  Here I am a grown man with big boy responsibilities and I felt safe, I’m the one that makes others feel safe, it was a nice feeling and very funny when you think about it.  Playing a group game like this gives a tangible platform to the love and respect we have for each other.  I’m not saying you need to have friends to enjoy this game, of course not, hell you’ll probably make friends, which is really cool too.  The “realness” of the game and the depth of weapons and gear make this one of the most intricate games I’ve ever played, I mean i’ve been playing for a few weeks and I’m still discovering things I didn’t know about this game.  Having a group of friends that know you and who have been there for the major events in your life is really special.  Of course being a bunch of “manly men” no one says anything that could  be misconstrued as soft, just laughs and short tales of each others embarrassing moments, funny,,, I seem to have more embarrassing memories then the other guys or atleast that’s what they want me to think.

Consider Getting together with your long lost friends over a Mission, you’ll soon realize, as I did that distance and time has no power!

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