Balance, its a real thing

Its spring again and your wondering what that  bright thing is thats throwing so much glare on your tv screen is , ok thats the Sun.  Its the reason we have survived as a species  and its calling you.  It saying say “come outside so I can get a better look at you”.  Between work family and just the day to day X-factors that pop up like broken garage doors or car problems, by the way just so you know the new number for repairs no matter what, is $300.00 that’s the new base price for just about everything .  So  yeah I get it, that time you spend playing Division  or Destiny or  whatever your into, is time well spend, because if you didn’t have that time to decompress you’d end up flinging your feces at the walls in some understaffed sanitarium.  So by all means get your game on, but you’ll need to strike a balance.  Get outside climb a tree or fall in love at your local coffee shop.  I was talking to a young married friend and he told me that he feels like a zombie all week until the weekend then he comes alive, well we need to be alive all week. But how, how do we go from merely exciting to actually living.  I think its in the details, yes thats it look at the details of your life, the curve of your lovers mouth, the colors in a sunset the way people show there real feelings when they don’t think anyone is watching them.  And understand that for lack of a better term we are living in the matrix designed for our eyes.  My favorite quote from the movie is when Morpheus explains to  Neo  about that nagging feeling, that Splinter in your mind driving you mad, “I’m  paraphrasing”.  I guess what I’m saying in my own rambling way is, see the world and it’s beautiful details, try to rediscover your loved ones and your friends everyday.  because no one every promised us “tomorrow”!


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