DEADPOOL,,, Motherf&%(ing Right!

deadpool_poster_by_duff03-d9lsm92I recently did something I haven’t done in a long while, I told the world to “Kiss My Ass”,   and I hit the streets.  And what better way to celebrate my night of  a little too much alcohol and far too  much eye contact, then with Mr DEADPOOL. I’ll tell ya straight, I didn’t know what to expect.  I’m a Ryan Reynolds  fan, he had me back in BLADE.  One liners and Sarcasm is a  Art Form, and the man’s a natural.  So I expected good timing and a  lotta killin. What I didn’t expect was Vanessa “Friggin” Carlysle, as Morena don’t even talk about her stunning “girl next door” good looks,,, or the fact that she is so figgin sexy so figgin funny and so friggin warm in this role,  she’s from Jersey, and  hey, I’m from friggin Jersey, who friggin knew.  She also shares my sister’s name, so yeah,, instant soft spot.  I’ve been peeping her on Gotham for an entire season now,  you know you like a character when your worried that some  Gotham City nut job is going to wack her, anyway I digress.  She channeled that Jersey girl “ride or die” attitude  perfectly.  And ladies,  just so you know, it’s a real thing,, and guys love it.

Oh wait , get the F*uk outta here! , is that Leslie “Friggin” Uggams as Blind Al ,  Your killing me, I  love her!

Look do yourself a favor, go out grab a fist full of Deadpool Comics, read up before you see the movie, don’t go in dry, i’m telling ya.  You need to understand that this dude is totally out of his friggin mind, I suspect it had something to do with the “torture” I’m not going to spoil it for you though .  When artist/ writer Rob liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza created this character, we know they had an “Antihero”  in mind, and when you add his Healing factor and his masterful use of projectiles “fagetaboutit”!

Marvel has always prided itself on making unexpected Heros, a Blind Lawyer a wheel chair bound Professor, I think that’s why as a kid I was firmly in the Marvel camp, I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but DC didn’t have a African King super hero, maybe i’m wrong, but I don’t friggin think so,  and as a Chubby Sarcastic  black kid growing up in South Jersey, that was something I needed to see!

Now  Of course DC has really come a long way and they got some reeeeal “freak shows” over there, let me tellya.

To date this movie has grossed over $600.00 mil world wide, that’s a lotta toll both money. Why, it’s fun, sure, and like any action movie it appeals to our destructive side, but their is something  more here, something just below the surface of the”charade” we call our existence, and you know what i’m talking about don’t you,,  yeah, you friggin do,,, we’re All Friggin Nuts, DeadPool just gives it a cool costume!

So Yo, ya didn’t hear this from me, but what you need to do is, call your craziest friend, you know the one who gets you into shit on a regular basis, call that fool  up, or bail them out, or whatever you need to do, “pregame” someplace “questionable” you know the place,   then go see the the late showing, and before you know it, “BUTTABOOMBUTTABING” You’ve had a great time!

‘Oh’ and if your wondering, it’s “EXIT 6


I wonder if they know their logo looks a lot like Spawn”s?



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