What’s your Inspiration, a Tribute

IMG_3885I recently laid my older brother to rest, he was a tough fun loving big brother, and now he was  gone.  As I sat there watching my brother’s body,  and those  surreal moments while friends and family filed by paying their respects .  I retreated to my childhood and the moments spend with him, I needed him to console me this one last time, just  like the time I skinned my knee, and he yanked me up off the pavement telling me to “walk it off” well I did and now I could here his voice in my head telling again  to “walk it off” , but that’s a lot of walking to do alone.  I retreated even further back to days spend playing with my toys, he seemed to  more excited then I was to play with them.  He would patiently put everything together and have it working and ready to go by the time I would see them. He made sure I had all the “Accoutre” of boyhood,, my red wagon and BB gun, Walkie Talkies and Boxing gloves.  He also would sit and talk with me for hours about super heros  and why Superman could beat the Hulk, or what it would take for Thor to beat them both. His wonder and infectious curiosity became apart of me, it’s like he passed it on to me.  And In his later years after his Military injuries and life’s unforgiving lessons had rob him of the full use of his  body. He would call me, and we would transport each other back to our front porch, and we would talk about Thor, and The Hulk and this New Marvel Guy who was a match for them all, but was crazy as hell.  We’d talk cars and Laugh at my skinned knees and how he taught me to face my fears.  He made me a gamer, an explorer.  You see being a gamer is not just sitting down in front of your console for hours on end disappearing into another world, sure that’s a part of it, I’m not gonna lie, but its much more.    While we’re  exploring some far off world we are also exploring our  own.

This is a tribute, to my Inspiration…..

My Brother, Stewart

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