The Nightgamer’s guide to winter survival

Ok so it’s the Winter, the Holidays are pretty much over, at least the ones you get time off from work for anyway.  Your New Years “resolutions” have found their way into that dull throbbing place between disappointment and flat out self loathing . It’s cold very cold and every fiber of your being simply wants to just “SHUT IT DOWN”.   But wait hold on,, pull the covers away from your eyes, We brought you something.  It’s The Nightgamer’s guide to Winter Survival, Sorta.  First we should get a few things clear from a scientific perspective, Pieces of shit do not raise children, hold down a job while attending school,  or console a heartbroken friend, so your obviously not that.  Are we clear,,good.  The hell with that stupid resolution anyway, you are a living breathing part of nature, and nature doesn’t make resolutions, it evolves, transforms and changes in a beautiful and elegant way, so as a living breathing thinking smiling part of nature,  claim your birthright to change for the better “over time”,, not some self proclaimed  champagne induced hangover driven promise made on a toilet.  Lets get to work shall we,  Drink more water, by it self just water , ok maybe throw some lemon and honey in it, if your feeling adventurous .  While your gaming munch on a  bowl of almonds and a nice juicy slice of “red” grapefruit they are  an excellent source of vitamin C and they aid your metabolism in so many ways. try shopping mad, yes made and when I tell you this,  you’ll get mad, Congress just approved a request by the meat industry that lets them drop the “origin” information on their packaging, so basically they don’t have to tell us where the meat came from. Just think to yourself while your shopping ” these people don’t give a crap about me or my family ” don’t give them the satisfaction.  Buy good local organic healthy foods.  Yes Organics cost more but their  worth it. Hey if you don’t eat meat great, and if you do eat meat, eat less.  You know that  bar you drive by everyday but don’t go in, well go in,  Meet some new folks, get out of your comfort  zone it’s boring for “Solid Snake’s ” sake.  Call someone you have lost touch with, an old college friend or just someone from the neighborhood, reconnect with your roots.   You’ll be surprised to know that they’ve been thinking about you too, call them not just friend them on Facebook.  Make something that you do everyday, something special once in a while.  For example, I shave everyday in the shower rushed and tired, well I just purchased a cool razor and a old school shaving kit, with brush and all.  On the weekends I take my time and give myself a nice classy shave.  that’s  what I’m doing to remind myself that I’m a human being, not some rat in a cage.  Find your thing and make it special . Treat yourself kindly, its ok to love you.  Get a punching bag,  seriously a punching bag, doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be a punching bag, why,, because your in a fight, for your health your happiness and your well being you might as well look like it,  plus the adrenaline rush and body toning will get you going quick fast and in a hurry.  And please find a place to dance, and if you can’t find a place, then dance where ever you can. I know your wondering what any of this has to do with gaming,,maybe nothing.     I guess what we at Nightgames are saying is



Seeya soon!


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