MG-V: THE PHANTOM PAIN,, My Hibernation Game

The leaves have begun to fall and so has my inclination to venture outside, yes I’ve begun the process of shutting “it” down. The “It” being everything that I enjoyed  doing outside before it started getting cold, Tennis done , deck sitting done, Mountain Biking ,,yeah that’s done too . I mean I get it, if I was tough I could still do those things, but do you see the inherent problem ” I shouldn’t have to be tough ”  Don’t get me wrong, I love the fall weather in Ohio.

The chilly clear blue mornings,  the brisk starry nights, the promises I’ve made to myself to throw away all that  really ugly winter clothing but deep down I know I it’s not going to happen, because  in a matter of weeks I won’t give a shit what i’m wearing. Soon it will be so cold that when the temp is above freezing  I’ll want to wear my favorite “silver suffer” tee shirt. I’m saying all that to say this, I need to pick a Fall /Winter game in which to immerse myself.

And the winner is METAL GEAR V: THE PHANTOM PAIN.  See, every fall I have a little competition in my head, I unofficially review a few games that I wouldn’t mind spending cold winter nights with, I looked at Halo,  Battlefield, I even considered firing up the Mass Effect trilogy, and who am I kidding, that still might happen.  One of the requirements for entry into my winter “shut in club” is a emotional connection to my past in some way, or a  deep like of the character, and Metal Gear -V does it for me. The old dude not the Ninja guy (although he’s the bomb too).  I like a lot of story telling in my games, I want flash backs and cut ins and whatever else that helps build  the heavy drama  plot line.  I want a movie I can play basically, and Metal Gear does that for me, Snake Eater comes to mind. I’ve read some reviews of MG-V and to be honest I wouldn’t have  cared if they said it was crap, and they didn’t, but even if they did,  I’d still buy it.  Like I said, I’m emotionally connected and some “fractal geometry” loving critic is not going to change that.  If you want to take this journey with me you’ll need to get MG-V:Ground Zeroes first, it’s the precuser to Phantom.  Another thing about “Winter Hibernation Gaming”, is the lack of human contact, I have a plan.  If you are going to join me on this journey lets play it together, I mean let’s confer and problem solve with each should be fun,  hit me up, shoot me a text and say “dude i’m in” I’ll know what you mean.  You can find me on FB, or just text to Our Night Games line 330-978-8027. We’re trying to kill two tower guards with one bullet here, so to speak.  We get really stir crazy during these face numbing  winters and we bet you do too,  so let’s entertain each other.  We like  direct contact  with our readers  it helps  with sharing ideas and new topics to write about, We look forward to doing some real damage with ya, ok then, thanks for reading this blog, it means so much to Us!Photo on 2-22-15 at 6.22 PM

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