A scary little story

  When I was about nine or ten my older brother Stewart got a job at a neighborhood store. He was a great brother, but like most older brothers he took great joy in torturing me both physically and mentally, he would play jokes and move my things and watch me slip into insanity. It was all in fun of course, and I kinda missed him when he wasn’t pulling some prank on me.  Even though he worked late, sometimes til 10,o’clock, he would come up into my room and bring me a toy or get me in a headlock if I was awake. Well this one Halloween I decided to be ready for him when he came into my room.  So I waited and pretended to be asleep., I could see a shadow moving in the hallway from the moon light that shined into the hall, I was surprised that I hadn’t heard him  climb the stairs,, no matter I was going  to finally get even for all those years of terror he put me through.  I noticed that he figured out a way to make the room even darker then it was, I became alittle angry with him because he was going through so much trouble to scare me. He had gotten on all fours and I could begin to make out a figure at my bedroom door, he made himself look like some kinda beast walking like a tiger only he must have put some pillows under his shirt because his muscles looked huge, he made no noise, he started to walk towards me. I was watching through a small space between my blanket which was pulled over my head and my pillow.  He must have been wearing a mask because his eyes where glowing red and I could make out what looked like ears on his head, as he got closer I felt weak and really tired, but I was not going to let my brother win. As he got closer to my bed I suddenly pulled the covers back from my right foot and kicked him square in the face or mask or whatever he was wearing, it felt solid like very heavy thick rubber.  I awoke the next morning confused, I couldn’t remember what happened after I kicked him,  I do know I got him good though,  But I was still upset because he really scared me this time.  I knew my mother would be in the kitchen making breakfast, so I decided to get him into trouble, I thought to myself ” when Mom hears about this he is going to be in big doodoo,   I found my Mother in the kitchen washing dishes, I said Mom, she said yes honey, I said last night Stewart put on some big demon outfit or something with red glowing eyes and he came in my room and tried to scare me, but I kicked him then fell asleep.  My mother dropped the dish in the sink then turned and looked at me, she had this worried look on her face mixed with fear,another expression I didn’t understand. I got worried maybe I kicked him to hard and I was the one in trouble, I asked, did he tell you I kicked him,, she said no honey, Stewart wasn’t here all night he stayed over his friends house.  

I’ve never forgotten that story, because It really happened, now you won’t forget it either. 

Happy Halloween 


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