Are you ready for VR, Again?

lawnmower manDont stand so close to the TV, you’ll go blind,,

That’s what my mother would say whenever I got to close to our big ole RCA Color TV.  Ok, not that TV but the one we had sitting on top of the Big ole RCA TV.  For some reason we never got the thing fixed. I think it had something to do with money and my family not having much of it. Fast forward to now.  I’m looking at this Oculus Rift and I’m  thinking to myself, I’m going to be wearing two TVs on my head.  Seriously though, I’m excited about the Tech and the immersive world of VR.  Give me a reason and a way to escape reality and I’m there.  But the researcher in me wanted to know alittle more, I have a background in psychology and one of my areas of interest has always “Sensation and Perception” how our brain translates and interprets our Universe.  Now I’ll tell ya, anything that tries to mimic our world and fool our brain is going to reek havoc on the hippocampus the part of the brain that lets us know where we are in time and space, and to that I say “Cry havoc and let slip the the dogs of VR.” Ok well, you know what I mean. Lets see what this does.  Lets give VR a another look.  Remember a decade or so ago or maybe longer, virtual reality was the rage, but it fell short.  Now Samsung and other VR makers are about to hit us with with a trunk of funk, and I for one am feeling reeeeeal funky.  I imagine they’ll be cases of Cyber sickness and or Sim Sickness (Simulation Sickness).  I imagine myself getting up to get a beer while playing a game and forgetting I’m wearing the VR headgear and taking a header over a table or something.  Trust me, it’s going to happen.  Oculus and Xbox are teaming up in a neighborhood.  We call that a “two piece.”  Well, not really, I’m just hungry right now.  This team up is supposed to launch a host of games right out of the box, so Gamers will be able to jump right into their favorite titles without that  lag between platform release and game availability that we are so used too. The cost for this Next Gen VR is going to be no joke. I saw  a Oculus Rift Developer kit DK2 for $800.00,  of course the price of the “Off the shelf”  Oculus Rift  will have to be “relatively” competitive with Samsung and the other manufacturers.  I’m excited, I just don’t want to go Blind!

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