Feeling a certain kinda way about “SURVIVAL HORROR”

Dream-nightgamesOk so I’m sniffing around for a new game to play, and I’m thinking I’ll get something scary.  Now I’ve played some of the  Resident evils and Dead spaces so I’m familiar with running around hiding and trying to kill a Boss with some profoundly inadequate weapon or tool.  So I run across this review of the THE EVIL WITHIN  something the reviewer says kinda makes me go “huh” that’s a good thing right, when another person can make you go”huh” it was not a revelation or something I didn’t know before, but she put a feeling into words for me.   All she says was, I NEVER SEEMED TO HAVE ENOUGH AMMO,  And I get it, that’s kinda what Survival Horror games are all about, but I gotta tell ya I don’t have a lot of free time  and I’m thinking,  I’m  a all in Brothers in arms kinda dude,  do I really feel like hiding in a  locker today.  I must admit back in the old days when I played the first Resident Evil, I screamed out loud, then burst into laughter, that was the first time a game ever made me do that, and after that I was was hooked.  But that’s when I had time  to really get into a game I’ve noticed that as one responsibility of life stacked on another I have less love for the trial and error process.  I’m not complaining, I think I’m noticing little disconnect between the creators of games and a type of gamer.  The “too busy and stressed out Gamer”, lol.  Even as I’m writing this blog, my mind is wondering, I’m thinking, I haven’t  heard my girls for a while, I hope they’re not cooking or something.  I guess what i’m saying and if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m almost always talking about something other than what I’m talking about,  I miss having free time and that’s what Survival Horror takes,, TIME!  

3 thoughts on “Feeling a certain kinda way about “SURVIVAL HORROR”

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