DESTINY,,,,OMG, did I just DISMANTLE that!?!

Photo on 1-19-15 at 8.46 PM Photo on 10-31-14 at 2.06 PMNOOOOO, I JUST DISMANTLED MY FAVORITE WEAPON, it’s not enough that I’ve been  stuck on level 26 for two weeks, or that I’m not sure what the hell is happening in the Glass vault ” Raise the Spire” or that I can’t get my hands on the to real good stuff back at the Tower.  I gotta go and dismantle my good sh#t.  I’m so pissed off at myself, what the heck was I thinking, it’s not even the same button for Yoda’s sake.  Granted, I work a lot  and I’m usually pretty tired by the time I get a chance to get on  Destiny. But that’s no excuse I’m a Gamer, I should be kicking butt not pooping the bed.  (ok no more pooping or butt references in this blog) I digress,  I should be the master by now, I know it can be done because I’ve got level 32 Guardians using me for target practice in the Crucible.  To be honest the fusion weapon I was using was taking such a long time to charge, that by the time I lined up a shot, I was already dead, and my other weapons are two weak.  And dude stop dancing on my grave after you’ve shot me, it’s hurtful, you know who you are.  I blame no one but myself, part of my Gaming routine is to have a couple,, well ok a few handsomely crafted IPL’s while i’m playing.  Come to think of it, the first time I accidentally dismantled a weapon, it was on the heels of a six pack, but that can’t be it.  I’m a Old school Gamer, I can play Madden drink beer talk junk and eat wings without dropping my controller .  So what’s going on.  I think I know,, I’m scared, I’m rattled, I’m put off.  This warfare is different then what I’m used too, and in my haste and Panic I’m hitting the X instead of A.  Two different buttons two different colors in two different places.  Boldly Hell, have I gone soft?

No I must compose myself, I’ve made mistakes before, but i’m usually  able to fix them by buying something, like in Mass Effect.  Maybe that’s it, I’m getting freaked out by  irreversible  actions, but “ME” also had irreversible actions, so maybe that’s not it.   Ok I’m going to hit the reset button on this thing.  I’m going to START OVER and I’m gong to do everything right this time.  so all you 30 plus levels and weird and kinda scary looking “No number”  people who are so good you don’t even have a level, I Vagabondrising will be joining your ranks, just as soon as I get back from this BEER RUN!

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