Whats your Gamer SPRING THING?

IMG_3885I’ve been so deep In the DESTINY universe  I haven’t even gone outside.  Well I just walked outside, and it’s SPRING.  If you live in a area of the country where winter has personally kicked your butt,  I bet you are ready for some outdoor activity “any” outdoor activity.  I’ve been thinking about having video game  cookout night or take a Gamer for a walk night where we all meet up in the park and just walk together.  I guess what I’m trying to do is combine my passion for  video games with another love of mine the outdoors.  I have several friends who have been raving about the graphics and scenery of  Destiny, isn’t it funny that we can marvel at a fake environment but not explore a “real” one.  Well this spring and summer I’m making the effort to get my butt outside more often and commune with nature.  I’m wondering if being in nature can actually make us  better Gamers. I don’t know maybe it could help us with our problem solving skills or our virtual eye hand coordination.  This theory,,well more like a loose though actually,   is a work in progress.  But it’s a idea I am looking forward to testing this SPRING/SUMMER!


2 thoughts on “Whats your Gamer SPRING THING?

  1. My gamer spring thing is FIFA 14! I have started a career and am one of the leading scorers on my team. I love the game play and I really like the progression of my player. Great game. I am debating if I should buy FIFA 15. Thoughts?


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