DON’T LEAVE a Gamer hanging!!

IMG_3927I’ve been playing ‘Destiny’ on my xbox 360 for several days now, and I’ve begone to notice a alarming trend.   Gamers leaving there team after one or two failed missions.  I mean, I get it, they’re is always one member of  the “Strike Team” that is completely devoid of any tactical strategy what so ever, they die so much , you wonder if the family pet is sitting on the freaking controller at there house, but dammit there still a member of our little strike team, and how are they gonna get any better if we leave them hanging.  You may ask, well Mr,, “ride-or-die” how long should we get our butts kicked before we move on to find a better team.  The answer is 7 times,  Actually I don’t know, I just pulled that number out of my butt, but it sounds about right don’t you think.  Anyway that’s not the point, the point is we are in this thing together.  I guess I’m little afraid that these “premature evacuators” will do the same thing in a real life situation. and don’t lie, your thinking it too.  I can see it now, the zombies are attacking, three of us are hold up in a abandoned Walmart,  I’ve just finished my second tub of swiss vanilla almond ice cream.  we’ve decided to hold the line while the rest of humanity escapes to safety,  and all of a sudden  it’s like,, hey where the hell did jerry go?? I’m being dramatic, but you get my drift I’m sure. Destiny is such a co-op driven game we need to come up with a standard game etiquette.  I’ve had some great missions with some really cool gamers, I don’t know you, but you stayed to the last, and we accomplished some really great things together.  I’m at level 24 at the time I’m writing this, and i’ve been getting smoked like salmon in the Crucible, “but I’m drinking milk” well actually beer, but I’m getting better.  So if you want an “ally’ that won’t leave you hanging, come find me, I’m “Vagabondrising”, and I will fight with you till the end,, or until I need a beer run, pee break  or my pizza is delivered or something!!

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