A “Stir Crazy” Gamer

IMG_3860Ok, I live in a part of the country where it snows quite a bit during the winter months.  I’m kind of an out door guy.  I like riding my trek 930 single track.  It’s a classic.  And I love hiking and walking my dog, Kisses, (don’t ask). The problem I’m having is I can’t do any of that stuff. It’s so cold and snowy and cold , what the hell. I don’t want to go out in this and freeze my controllers off.

Look,  I’m a hard core gamer, no doubt, but even a hard core gamer needs to see the sun every once in a while.  To add to that, I work nights, so my days are spent sleeping, trying to get to sleep or awake in that non-functional haze that only night shift folks would understand. So what am I to do?  Start another Video game that’s what. I’m playing “Defiance.”  It’s a free coop game on the xbox platform.  You’ll need xbox live to play it.  Once you download that crazy long patch, you’re in business.

I’ve also started writing again, short stories mostly. You’re wondering how is any of this  helping  me with my  cravings for the outdoors.  Well It’s not helping at all actually, but at least  I’m trying something constructive.  That’s the secret to getting through the shut in season. Do something constructive while you wait for the universe to unfold as it should.  Change that cabin fever energy into cabin creative energy.  Start something new with your partner, or grab a friend and do a joint project, something… anything.  Do something easy and fun.  What’s cool about this “free” Defiance game is it’s free, first of all, and you can play it with a friend.  It’s actually pretty involved for a game that is “free.” I know i keep mentioning that it’s free.  With Defiance you get lots of customizable weapons to choose from and you can team up with others for missions.  This odd guy keeps shooting me.  I wonder what that’s about.

I’ve been through many winters so you’d think I’d have better coping skills, but I don’t.  Each year I’m surprised by the winter, kind of like how my dog, Kisses, gets surprised when I show up every morning, only he’s happy to see me.  For now on, at the end of the summer, I’m going to prepare a task that will take me all winter to complete.  What have you been doing to get yourself through the winter?

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