If your Playing a video game with a uniform on, You’ve got a CONDITION!

Shouldn’t you be leaving for work?

And it’s called a JOB. If you find yourself standing in front of your TV with a uniform, suit, or work gear while playing a video game, then you probably have responsibilities and a lot of them. So, you don’t have time to get all involved in a game like Mass Effect or Destiny. Of course, you will anyway. You’re a gamer after all.  But, if you want a cool game with many of the qualities of the big boys, take a look at PROTOTYPE 2. It’s fun and easy to get a handle on and you can kick some major butt.  It’s about a guy, Sgt. Heller, and an awesome viral outbreak.   Good graphics, nice powers, and did I mention you can kick some major butt?  I’ve also been really liking the fact that game designers are including people of color in the major way. Smart move because it’s a thing.  One of the reasons I was so cra cra over Mass Effect was because I could customize my character.  With Prototype, you get the best of many worlds. You get your zombies, your guns, rocket launchers, and search and destroy missions.  The only thing that you don’t get, or I haven’t seen it yet, is that “love interest”,  if you know what I mean.  Do you know what I mean?  I’m playing it on my Xbox 360. It’s rated M 17 so send little Johnny to bed, get a cold beer or six, and enjoy!!

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