Featured Image -- 114It’s Saturday morning sometime in 1980 the Super Friends have just ended. Funny, I never liked the wonder twins .  I jump on my bike and ride the four miles to the Arcade, my five dollar bill safely tucked away.  When I enter the Space Port,(Space Port) that was the name of our arcade at the “Shore Mall ” I am transformed into a being of pure reflex and hand eye coordination, no emotion just a gaming machine. Fast forward to now, I’m sitting in my living room in front of a 50 inch flat screen TV and I think I’m falling in love with Liara T’soni.

How did I get here, and what the hell happened!

2 thoughts on “EVOLUTION OF A GAMER

    1. Thank’s for your comment, Frank. NightGames has so many surprises in store for our members.
      We are Going to be offering cool NightGames gear.
      And gathering Gamers together for a fun-filled year of online gaming starting with “Madden” they’ll be Cash and Prizes up for grabs. We are also going to be highlighting our members in a very special way, Stay Tuned.

      And remember, Don’t Fit In, Be In!


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